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Curb: educating drivers of safety checks

Research indicates that the theory and knowledge we associate with road safety doesn’t stick. It’s evident through interviews that many qualified drivers can’t even remember the basic rules of the road. A driver’s theory test is an initial stage of the driver’s examination, but what happens after the test? How might we continue to support drivers, keeping them safe in knowledge and good road safety practice.

Through further research I learned that many drivers feel discouraged and unsatisfied with the lack of appreciation for good driving practice. Keeping a vehicle road worthy and safe, performing regular checks and keeping up to date with changes are mandatory, but how might we better encourage those that are incentive-led.

My solution is an application designed to support and educate drivers; to encourage them to complete those all-important safety checks on their vehicle; to record their journeys and self-reflect on their driving styles and habits. The app uses rewards systems as incentivisation to encourage better driving amongst the motorist community and aspires to increase nationwide road safety.