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Claudia Lasarte Saez

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The problem

Fashion is one of the industries that has the biggest negative impact socially and environmentally due to the processes they use. But it is also the industry that makes more money of all – why? Garments protect us and fashion is a way to express oneself. Last year, I designed a modular boiler suit, following circular design principles and now had to develop it and position the product in the right place. Further research in slow fashion and competitors, show that younger audiences perceive sustainable brands as simple, plain or that this brands use sustainability just as a facelift. Although many brands are switching to sustainability or slow fashion, their style does not fit or follow generation z style and trends. The aim of this project is to develop a product alongside a brand that offers a trendy garment introducing sustainability in generation z wardrobes.

The solution:

Baseit is a product designed for the future of fashion. A modular fashion piece that follows circular design principles. I wanted to create a product that the person who owns could love, reuse and extend it ́s life as much as possible. Here is where Baseit is born – with the idea of getting the best use from one product. Baseit is a modular fashion boiler suit that can be detached so out of 1 product, the costumer gets 5 different garments that can be combined with other garments. On top of its multi usability, the boiler suit is made out of recycled plastic bottles from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). With this product in mind, I had to develop a brand that suits the needs of generation Z. The green, earthy style leaves out a whole audience whose style is trendier and more fashionable. I created a trendy brand that follows fashion trends and offers the audience a sustainable product without having to change their fashion style.

The campaign strategy

Expectation campaign (2nd video)
This campaign will be used to launch the brand and shows off the brand values. In this video, the values are explained through symbolism: The statue represents the breaking of traditions, with the crying male kissing it to then putting on a mask… but at the end it all breaks. The mask represents the problems society is going through whilst the young individuals represent the power of young people and diversity.

Product campaign (3rd video)
This campaign will be used to launch the product. After the audience have seen the first video, they will already know what it is. It represents the characteristic of our product, introducing the hashtag. This campaign will be launched an an Instagram exclusive as is the social media platform more used by the audience. #NEWBEGINNING

Awareness campaign (4th video)
This campaign will be used to reinforce the brand values and mission to the audience. Through a series of images from real news around the world, this will raise awareness within the audience about how we drastically have to change the way we do things – otherwise we will be lost – and we are the start of change. It starts with a quick tune representing how we do things really fast. At some point it rewinds making the beat harder to represent urge and pressure. The rewind is a symbolism of change and opportunity. End with a dramatic pause showing the impact slowly showing an action call message to then come back to the beat showing our brand and hashtag.

Why this solves the brief

BaseIt introduces a sustainable product in people’s wardrobe, wether they are into sustainability or not. In this way, the project looks to change the audience buying behaviour from the inside, by offering what they want – but ethically made.

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