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F1 Shock

Diversity and inclusivity are two words that are constantly spoken about in modern day media. So many brands, sports, communities, and more are lacking in these areas, which is a huge problem, and it needs to be tackled now.

Formula 1 is no different and needs help. Only one black driver has ever been in the sport, with over 1000+ races being held in that time. A way needed to be created to get more fans to acknowledge the lower categories, supporting those of different race, religion, or gender. As well as this, to influence those who are interested in getting into racing, who may only see a single driver of colour on the grid and think they have no chance of reaching Formula 1. The problem stems from the fact that Formula 1 has a dedicated app, but no other categories do. The interest in lower categories is there, just the content is either located on a website or not available at all.

The solution I have come up with is an application that brings all categories of single seater racing into one place. It also provides a space for businesses to gain interest using the track locator feature, further expanding the diversity that they bring in. This gives an opportunity to those who may not have known where to go, allowing them to begin their journey to Formula 1.


Joshua Millin