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Restore The Wild

My project is based around the idea of making people more aware that they can rewild their garden and the benefits of doing so.

During my research, I discovered that people were open to the idea of rewilding their gardens but they either didn’t know where to start or had preconceived ideas of what it looks like. I also found out that most people would rather rewild a section of their garden rather than the whole thing.

My idea to tackle these problems is a rewilding subscription box under the brand name ‘Gaia’s Box’.

This awareness campaign will involve flyers and social media adverts to promote a subscription box service. The service will involve people signing up to a subscription on a website and every few months they will receive a rewilding box in the post. The box will contain information about rewilding in their region. It will also include items such as seeds, bird feed, equipment, activity cards and a gardening calendar. The idea is that the box will make people aware of rewilding over a long period of time and educate them in the process. This is an awareness campaign that will get people involved with the process and aims to target a wide number of people.


Amy Wade