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USW BA Graphic Communication


This honey production company, previously Radnorshire honey, needed a fresh face, a brand, name and marketing campaign that would appeal to a younger audience. They wanted to create something bold and unique, that would catch people’s eye and breathe new life into the brand.

The solution to this brief focuses on the concept of putting a fresh face on honey itself. Through clean, minimalistic type design and a marketing campaign that zooms in on the moments that occur when consuming honey, this brand aims to shift the concept of honey into a new, somewhat alien light.

The crux of this solution comes in the form of the ‘universal label’ packaging. Instead of being sold in traditional honey jars, customers will send any sort of container to be filled up with goo and sent back to them, along with that container’s label. There is a points system in place within the label that rewards customers for using the same container numerous times. This greatly minimises waste since the only vessels that goo can be acquired in are recycled containers from other products. Customers can choose the amount of honey they want their container to be filled with, and will be charged according to the amount. The brand promise of goo is simple:

Bring anything. We’ll fill it with goo.


Joseph Parkin