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Invision: Restore Equality

The main purpose of the app Invisionis that it keeps your identity unknown and only highlights your skills and qualifications to allow employers to employ you only under the basis of these facts not your gender, race, age or sexual preference.

The brief for this project highlighted the issues that are posed in working environments in regards to gender discrimination. It became apparent that these issues were found at the point of applying for jobs themselves.

Therefore the best solution for this brief would be to develop an app, where people would feel comfortable applying for jobs that they would initially hesitate on, because of how they may be perceived. Invision also allows users to apply openly to jobs if the they choose to do so. This meaning there profile would be public to the employer.

The sole purpose of introducing Invision to society would be to restore equality in the working world to those who have previously felt they were disregarded at the first hurdle in job application.


Poppy Staples