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To Travel is to Live

‘To travel is to live’, as the saying goes. Throughout our lifetime, we all fall to wanderlust and the dream of seeing what the big wide world has to offer. But what if someone told you that you couldn’t?

Over 1 billion people across the globe live with some sort of disability. Physical, cognitive and mental impairments can all present themselves differently, yet equally challenging circumstances for an individual and their carers. Often, these difficulties are understated across the tourism industry, rendering travel as more of a hassle than a relief for the majority of the disabled community. This means that travel and tourism can become very stressful, very expensive and often completely inaccessible to those with a disability.

As we see more accessible developments throughout the travel industry, it is increasingly obvious that they are implemented out of obligation rather than consideration, whereas some industry professionals simply lack the knowledge of how to effectively provide for the disabled community.

Sticky Situation provides a unique experience for both disabled travellers, and tourism professionals alike.

Empowering disabled travellers to feedback directly to industry professionals and tell their personal story, Sticky Situation hopes to educate the industry through experience and empathy with the goal of creating a truly ‘all-inclusive’ travel industry.

Sticky Situation offers disabled travellers a unique way to help educate the tourism industry about the needs and requirements of the disabled population.

Using vibrant, exciting stickers as a platform to capture the attention of tourism professionals, disabled travellers can leave a message embedded beneath the sticker to explain their sticky situation. These stickers can be placed in many areas that a traveller may find inaccessible in order to highlight their personal struggles.

When peeled away, the sticker will leave a degradable QR code on the surface, which will aim the tourism professional to the traveller’s comment where they will be educated on the difficulties that the traveller experienced.

Through the Sticky Situation app, disabled travellers can scan the QR codes on the back of their stickers and tell their stories to travel professionals. They can make their own voices heard and constructively suggest improvements that should be made to the industry and everything around it.

Travellers can also connect with others through the app by joining or creating discussions. Asking for destination advice, suggestions for excursions and activities, or simply blowing your own experiences are just some of the abilities of the app. Sticky Situation aims to build a community as there is strength in numbers.

It takes two to tango. The Sticky Situation app offers travel professionals the chance to make a positive change to their industry and the opportunity to bring joy to the lives of over 1 billion people. Professionals can scan the QR codes left by travellers and read the experiences of their past customers.

Travel professionals can also start and join discussions. They can ask for help or suggest improvements based on traveller’s comments and can launch announcements to all areas throughout the industry. Sticky Situation educates through empathy and experience.