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Radnorshire Honey

Radnorshire honey, based in Mid-Wales is a family run honey business. Their Honey has sold well in local markets in rural areas for years. Mainly to an older demographic, of 45- to 60-year-olds. Radnorshire honey were looking for an energetic, eye-catching brand and unique packaging designs that breathed some soul into the brand. They wanted to push the boat out and create a bold marketing strategy to encourage younger audiences, from 20- to 35-year-olds to experience Radnorshire Honey.

The solution for the visual identity features a bold decorative typeface. The manipulation of type was used to create a visual representation of the consistency of honey, the leg of the R, H and Y were extended to represent this whilst giving the brand a more distinct look. The brand itself is friendly, bold, and exciting. In terms of the brand strategy the main focus was personalisation which is achieved through the packaging designs. The packaging features customers names which make the brand feel inclusive to everyone. In terms of creating unique packaging designs the focus was sustainability. Personalised reusable water bottles are used to achieve this. Once the honey is used up customers are left with the water bottle to keep. As well as being sustainable this idea serves as a reminder of the brand for customers as well promoting the brand. The focus in terms of the packaging design itself was to feel organic and friendly whilst standing out. A minimalistic approach was taken when it comes to the style of the packaging, but the use of bold two-tone colours makes the design stand out. The campaign focuses on promoting the brand and its strategy. The campaign title ‘Bee unique’ encourages customers to be themselves and that the brand is tailored to them and their needs. The aim was to allow customers to feel as part of the brand and its community.


Katie Alice Short