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Thomas Morgan

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YCN Winner

A large percentage of the population are unaware that empty crisp packet waste can’t be recycled with household recycling and therefore are unaware that all that waste will all end up in landfills or the seas. TerraCycle is an organisation that breaks down and repurposes difficult to recycle plastics such as crisp packets. But the awareness of the public about TerraCycle’s existence is very low.

The solution is to raise the awareness of TerraCycle and to educate the public on why this is necessary. I have investigated this through a range of solutions such as a social media campaign, a motion graphic and various posters. Speed is important to spread the word and so social media is the best tool for spreading information quickly. Backed up by a theme and a powerful message, a sharable video explanation to reach people wherever they may be, and a selection of posters to deter individuals from disposing their packets in public waste bins. Hopefully we can all ‘Knuckle down on crisp packets’ and solve this problem together – correctly.

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