Blind Spot

Blindspot is a visual assistance system that allows greater freedom and mobility for the visually challenged.


Encouraging a healthy work-life balance by tackling loneliness and isolation experienced by self-employed creatives

Plastic Pause

Encouraging an alternative consumer mindset towards single-use plastic solutions

Bright Spark

Inspiring and encouraging the next generation of creative students

Acoustic Keyboard

Reconnecting sufferers of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in a world where technology harms them.

Curb App

Curb was built to improve driver safety through a new type of educational app

Sticky Situation

A unique, innovative system to allow disabled travellers to inform the tourism industry of their needs and requirements.

Someone to Lean On

An awareness campaign and support app that informs everyone about OBA as well as supporting those who have suffered from the condition 

Track App

Track is a tracking, alert and communications system for users who feel unsafe on nights out


Encouraging younger audiences to learn sexual health and awareness

The Games of Murderers

The Games of Murderers is a typeface developed around two concepts “Games” and “Murder”

Immersive Learning

A platform which educates and provides schools with ways to introduce virtual and augmented reality into education


Sexupal is an online sexual health service with a kink

Magical Manners

An interactive children’s book reintroducing manners through virtual reality, influencing children to learn through playful animations 


A digital platform to encourage children into sports by tracking exercise, connecting with friends and offering rewards.

Knuckle Down

An awareness campaign to encourage an alternative disposal solution for crisp packet waste


Exploration of design and what it can do to help women feel more comfortable, empowered and knowledgeable about their intimate tests


Humanify is an app allowing users to better manage their physical and mental health together in one space.


A virtual pet that helps young people keep track of their emotions


Worrybud is an app that helps people who are suffering with mental health conditions

Bramble Forest...

“Bramble Forest…” is a storybook to help children understand the process of democracy.

Fairy Care

Fairy Care is a service that provides different tools to keep parents and children engaged and excited with their dental care


A campaign for the re-branding of smear tests – designed to encourage young women to attend “Clarity tests”


Lifeless brings colour, graphics and attitude together, to help raise awareness for the issues with drug culture at universities.


IoTU educates and tracks how future facing users are by scanning smart devices or sustainable products.

Base it

A boiler suit that follows circular design principles to create a society where less is more, endless possibilities in one product.


Refresh is a challenge to online behaviours, encouraging exploration of the world around us

Know Your Onions

Know Your Onions 


Combining technology and print to encourage a simpler but stronger relationship with artificial intelligence


Gamers do not have a sole platform where they can keep up to date with gaming news & new technologies. Gameilize is an app to solve this.

Eight Great Technologies

Improving science communication by revealing the magical side of modern technologies to young generations

Understanding Autism

Raising awareness to tackle the stigma around Autism Spectrum Disorders


Fluid is an app that managed childrens’ mental health and teaches them about LGBT+ identities


An internship scheme featuring a buddy system to offer support to autistic people and their employers


Cord is a mobile app dedicated to connecting up and coming musicians with professionals who can help to boost their career path