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USW BA Graphic Communication

Thank you to Industries!

We are incredibly lucky to have worked with some top design agencies and professionals that have allowed us to work on an industry-facing course.


Our development both on a design and professional level wouldn’t have progressed without the help and the time that members of the creative industry have given up.  From setting live briefs for students, hosting mock interviews and to delivering guest lectures, your input into the course has played a big part in our journey.


Thank you all for the time that you have given us within our studies. USW Graphic Communication

Acknowledging COVID 19

Finally, there’s one elephant in the room we need to acknowledge – Covid 19.

3 weeks into our final major projects, we had gone from visiting our beautiful exhibition venue-to-be and exciting project conversations in the studio, to being sat in front of Skype drinking even more tea whilst sat in our jogging bottoms.

We’d be lying if we said we adapted overnight, but we can truly say that we are proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in these conditions. We were in lockdown, but determined not to let down. We had to say goodbye to our show, our graduation, our friends and even our city but we certainly didn’t say our final goodbyes to creativity and our determination to produce our best work yet.

It’s been a real team effort to get to the finish line, with virtual pub quizzes and lots of skyping to boost the moral every now and then – but we did it. We did what we do best as designers, problem solving our way through. We came out of the other end with skills that we didn’t even know we would need to have for the world of work (along with many entertaining skype screen shots), building an online presence, team working remotely and curating an online exhibition, just to name a few.

We were the year of lockdown, but not let down.


Thank you to all lectures, we won’t be here without you.

Claudia Lasarte Saez

The course has been an invaluable experience, I can’t imagine being a part of any other course. We don’t just make ‘pretty things’ we design for real people, based on real world problems, I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience than that.

Lauren Morgan
Student/Exhibition Team

This course has helped me build the confidence I needed to pursue the career I love, thank you so much to everyone who was a part of it.

Andrea Gonzalez

This course has been absolutely incredible, it hasn’t just been a uni course, it became a family and I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’ve been able to have whilst being at USW.

Kiera Allan

After the three years on this course I don’t think there’s a challenge I’m not prepared for and an obstacle I can’t overcome.

Kristina Zamfirova

Well its been a blast. The past 3 years of uni have been amazing! I highly recommend @uswgraphics and the amazingly talented lecturers!

Jordan Hart
Student/Exhibition Team

What an exceptional course. I didn't really have an expectations in the beginning but if I did, they would have been blown out the water.

Esme Gritten
Student/Exhibition Team

Thank you to all the industry and lecturers for giving us such valuable lessons around not only industry but also life skills. This situation didn't defeat us!

Norbert Zietek
Student/Exhibition Team

Our Beautiful Lecturers!

Our lecturers, mentors, biggest supporters and entertainers (we’re looking at you and your anecdotes, Gareth).

Ryan Preece

Liam Collins

Gareth Hughes

Rachel Grainger