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Casting: End Stereotypes

The Problem

Research shows that there are many misconceptions surrounding the Performing Arts. Gender stereotypes, career perceptions and financial stability are just few of these misconceptions set by society. The aim of this project is to get society talking about these stereotypes in order to overcome them.

The Solution

To tackle this issue I created a campaign which covers all performing arts advertisements e.g. movie and concert posters in order to show people what the world would be like without the performing arts. The campaign is designed in an offensive manner to make people question if it is socially correct. This then leads people to think if it isn’t right then why is it ok for people to believe these misconceptions? The idea behind the design is to create a simple and minimalistic campaign to grab the publics attention and to spark new conversations. The campaign drives a change in people’s mindsets about the misconceptions in the industry.


Megan Jones