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Grabits: New Gluten-free Habits

The topic of gluten-free diets is a globally discussed conversation, beyond being recognised as a method of treatment for gluten-related disorders. Living gluten-free is challenging, and for some, it’s a life-long commitment. Research identifies numerous issues related to both individual and public perception, awareness, understanding and recognition of gluten-free products. This misinformation negatively impacts wide range of audiences, from children not having access to gluten-free alternatives; to adults experiencing social barriers; or to consumers struggling with inconsistencies in visual languages and information graphics. This is without acknowledging the fact that it is believed that ninety-five percent of people requiring a gluten-free diet remain unaware and undiagnosed.

‘Grabits’ is a brand that focuses on consumer experience, understanding the need for simplification of visual communication in gluten-free products within its audience. The solution aims to be easily relatable, recognisable, and memorable. Grabits aspires to simplify and improve the purchasing of gluten-free products for everyone.  The brand campaign is designed to work in collaboration with UK retail stores as well as the NHS. The mission is to not only raise brand awareness, but to additionally encourage a discussion of the topic and promote diagnosis.


Katerina Svobodova

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