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Translated graphic novels have had a meteoric rise in popularity in the past five years, and there’s evidence of piracy developing alongside. The practice of piracy has been intertwined with the medium since the beginning of English translated graphic novels. It is perceived as a negative to pirate or copy original artwork, despite the popularity it has brought to the medium allowing it to grow. Piracy impacts on the authors livelihood. With some pirate’s apathy towards official volumes and lack of available options to support authors bringing authors to view the practice in a negative light. How can a platform be used to humanise both pirates and authors and change both views on piracy?

Thread aims to connect authors and pirates to humanise both sides. As a platform, we do not want to stop piracy. We want to engage with pirates and embrace how piracy has worked so well at spreading and bringing popularity to translated graphic novels. Thread also aims to offer ways to support authors legally. With open access to comics, people can both read for free online and support authors through their shops without the publisher in the middle ever having to get involved.


Uther Brice