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Students admit to “wasting time” on their smartphones, which becomes a persistent “distraction” in their everyday lives. While an appropriate amount of technology encourages productivity, which is vital to students’ education, the lack of guidance regarding screen time has led to a lack of regulation in their digital habits. Young adults lack self-control when it comes to their screen time therefore, they need a digital diet.

Ctrl is an app that allows young people to take control over the time they spend on their devices. The solution provides the opportunity for the user to challenge themselves in a motivational and progressive way, so they don’t give up too soon. Ctrl uses collectability as an incentivisation strategy, enabling users to personalise their character, reflecting their own identity, while serving as a motivational mentor in their screen time management journey. Users unlock accessories by using XP earnt when challenges are successfully complete and sticking to their screen time limits. The solution also provides this opportunity for the younger generation to work towards becoming a screen smart generation.


Mary Kola