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Horse Sense

The roads are becoming an increasingly dangerous place for equestrians with 3,552 road incidents involving horses reported in 2022 with 68 horses killed and 125 horses injured, in addition to 139 people sustaining injuries caused by road incidents in the UK.

Despite recent changes to the highway code stating that a maximum speed of 10mph and space of 2 metes is required when passing a horse, the number of incidents reported in 2022 increased by 21% compared to the number reported in 2021. There are several solutions that have been developed to improve road safety such as introducing incident reports and there have been multiple campaigns; yet these problems still remain.

Introducing horse sense, a wearable technology brand which will give horse riders an improved sense of safety on the road. The horse sense device uses radar technology to detect horses on the road and alert drivers when a horse is detected ahead similar to how a car detects a speed camera.

The roads can be unpredictable, and drivers may not always know how to react to certain situation such as Horses. Horse Sense takes away the unpredictability of the road and allows drivers to be more aware of horse riders when using the road.


Katie Alice Short