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Once upon a Pickle

The acceleration of digital literacy is so intense between the ages of seven and fifteen, those in their teen years are often more competent with technology than the adults tasked with teaching them. Teaching positive habits and safe practices is integral to learning at a young age. With good digital awareness and safe communication habits, young students can set themselves up to become good digital citizens of the future.

My aim is to create an educational learning experience that can enable young people to engage with the internet in a positive, habit-forming and safe way.

Once Upon A Pickle is the perfect introduction to the world of online web browsing and can be used in a browser or as a tablet application. Everyone knows that the internet can be a pickling place, especially for young people. Ickle Pickle will guide young children through the pitfalls, dangers and good habits that can be learned through good internet protocols.

This app has been designed and developed to take a whimsical approach to fairytale morals. Using fairytales with an online twist, Ickle Pickle will guide its young audience through familiar stories, testing their knowledge in a safe and fun environment and enabling children to familiarise themselves with best online practices. Teaching its audience to protect themselves from harm as they develop as young, digital citizens, Ickle Pickle does this using engaging graphic stories with digitally rewarding interactive choices.


Chris Chiang