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Sustainable fashion with digital design & technology

In today’s society, the average person buys 60% more clothes than they did 15 years ago. Not only do we buy more clothes, but we don’t keep the ones in our wardrobes for even half as long as we did back then. The fashion industry is now the second-largest polluter globally, causing almost irreversible damage to our environment. With extreme consumer demand for new clothing, the pace of the fashion industry is killing the planet. A way to reduce the speed of the industry and create a more sustainable future for fashion would be by changing consumers current buying and wearing habits. 

There are currently several consumer behaviours causing issues. One of these issues is the current relationships we have with our clothes. Research has shown that consumers have been made to feel constantly out of date from the continuous new trends released from fast fashion brands, resulting in people viewing their clothes as disposable. They are causing us to not get enough life out of their clothes and generating vast amounts of waste, especially young people who face pressure from social media never to be seen in the same outfit twice. If there is a lesser demand for new clothing could reduce the pace of the industry. They are leaving less of an impact on our environment. 


We are introducing Direction For Fashion, a sustainable clothing brand that combines fashion with digital design & technology. Our innovative design solution revolutionises the fashion industry by allowing the consumer to re-wear the same item of clothing without ever feeling out of style. 

We developed our own interactive labels for clothing; using AR technology, you can change your clothing design by simply holding your camera over the label on our products. So you only need one t-shirt, with the option to change the design through our app. By collaborating with big and small businesses, you can buy digital designs from your favourite brands—our brand targets young people who are some of the biggest fashion buyers. Our solution gets people re-wearing the same item of clothing but gives them that new buy feeling by being able to purchase digital designs that have no impact on our environment to produce. We aim to change consumers behaviour towards clothes to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on our environment. We only have one planet, and time is running out to protect our natural world. Our solution is a huge step towards sustainability within the fashion industry. We are drastically reducing the production process, taking less from our environment and leaving less of an impact. We are also reducing consumer demand for new clothing by getting people re-wearing what they have more than ever.