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STOWKD: Ride With Pride

Skateboarding is a popular recreational activity and sport that recently made its debut in the 2020 Summer Olympics. The competition featured both men and women contestants.Despite the reinvention of its image, skateboarding has historically been a boy’s club rooted in heteronormativity. The very protective culture has been exclusionary to those who don’t fit the stereotypical skater image. Therefore, skateboarding has always been a sport dominated by straight males, with little to no representation of other people that don’t fit typical skater ‘ideals’.

Skateboarding has always been about self-expression and creativity; any form of individualism and authenticity should be embraced and celebrated. Skateboarding should be a sport that anyone can pickup, regardless of who you are.

Stowkd is an all-inclusive brand that aims to get as many people skateboarding. Through their companion app users can track their skating, compete with friends, and connect with other like-minded skaters. By using Stowkd’s patented skateboard blackbox, users can track things such as distance, airtime, speed, and even tricks. This analysis of a user’s skating makes it the perfect companion to experienced skaters looking to sharpen their skills, as well as newbie skaters that may feel discouraged about their skateboarding progress. The app also gives users access to Stowkd skateparks around the city. These unique parks make skateboarding refreshing to already established skaters but also provides safe spaces that allow members to practice in a judgement-free and encouraging zone suitable for all skill levels. With diverse crews of licensed mentors, ready to help you on your skateboarding journey, as well as be an open ear, Stowkd skateparks are more than just a playground for the skater.


Jason David

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