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Colour Vision Deficiency among Designers

Despite colour vision deficiency (CVD) or colour blindness being one of the world’s most common genetic conditions that affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. However, research has shown that there is currently a significant lack of knowledge and awareness about CVD among designers. As a result, people with CVD do not now receive equal access to information. They feel excluded from every visual communication that only utilises colours to distinguish and convey messages. Research has further suggested that lack of understanding about CVD among designers has significantly contributed to increased design numbers that do not accommodate and cannot be accessed by this demographic.

Insight aims to reposition the importance of CVD and bring CVD to the frontline of the design industry through an informative, reliable but approachable tone of voice — this is because learning about CVD can be exciting and fun. Moreover, the use of a bright and colourful palette aims to empower people with CVD and removes the misconception that individuals with CVD can only see the world on a black and white scale when they find it difficult to distinguish certain shades of colours. 

Alongside the branding and with advanced AI technology, Insight’s website allows designers to upload their design to the system so that accessibility for people with CVD conditions can be analysed and verified. Designers can gain rewards through Insight’s standardisation system so that the symbols of recognition can be used to showcase their considerations of CVD. Designers can also continuously work towards achieving these verifications for their work as Insight continually educates and guides designers on including and designing better systems for people with CVD.