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Sustainability In Local Communities: Swindon

This project aims to make the community of swindon think more about environmental and economic sustainability, while maintaining the town heritage.

So, in order to resolve this issue, a fresh rebrand has been created for the town. Consisting of a town logo, of which there were none in place before. This is to bring a sense of identity to the town whilst also helping to unify and bring the people together. Famous local landmarks make up the letterforms to uphold the town’s heritage, whilst also encouraging new people to visit by showing them what the town has to offer. This then in turn boosts the economy as tourism and the overall population of the area would likely increase, thus meaning there are more customers for local businesses. Alongside this, there is a poster campaign with an adaptation of the logo housed on each. These posters provide a creative outlet that would not only liven up the town centre, but also shows off what Swindon is famous for to generate a sense of pride among residents. In addition, the posters showcase voucher codes and attractions that encourage people to visit and shop at local independent retailers.


Jacob Fawcett