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Generally, Spirituality is a practice whereby an individual seeks deeper connections, meaning and purpose within themselves and others. Spiritual practices are valuable as they have many physical and mental health benefits. These practices may include meditation, yoga, and regularly experiencing awe.

A survey found that compared to women, men are less likely to try any form of Spiritual practice as they tend to believe that the health benefits aren’t realistic. Men are also more hostile to emotion in the Western European world compared to women. If more of this specific audience were to perform acts of Spirituality nationally, the demographic would be encouraged to express emotion and be awarded with many benefits.

Calmen is a sub-brand application for the widely known sleep and meditation app ‘Calm’. This spin-off application includes many of Calm’s traditional features, plus many more which are targeted towards a young male demographic, aged 18-30.

Calmen is a social application, a space for men to encourage one another to regularly perform acts of Spirituality. Within this community, men can interact and connect with one another.

Through the use of a weekly leaderboard, men can challenge their friends to perform Spiritual activities. Users can earn points from attempting meditation/yoga sessions or going on awe walks.

Humour plays a role within this application. Men are encouraged to take fun photos of themselves performing their Spiritual activities. Users can leave reactions on friends posts to encourage and motivate one another to regularly perform Spiritual acts.


Courtney Harris