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SXTD: Let’s talk about sext.

Childline UK is a great platform, supporting and educating young people up to age 19, on a number of issues they may face in life. However, they have created an unintentional barrier for teens accessing these resources. Do you know many teens that would refer to themselves as a child?

This project proposes a new platform to run alongside Childline. ‘Teenline’ creates a more supportive environment for adolescents over the age of 13. Its resources and campaigns speak directly to teens, along with their parents, guardians, and teachers.

1 in 6 teens over the age of 15 have sent sexual images of themselves to others. It seems they are unaware of how damaging sexting can be. Self-generated images and videos accounted for over 70% of the online child sexual abuse material reported to the Internet Watch Foundation (2021).Many teens struggle to talk about sexting, due to the stigma that has been created.

‘SXTD’ (Sext-Ed) is a Teenline awareness campaign made to battle that stigma. The campaign aims to get teens talking, and acts as a signpost to further support and education on the Teenline (currently Childline) website. “Let’s talk about sext.”


Kitty Victoria Marlow