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The problem

Globalisation, for the most part is a productive thing, connecting diverse audiences across the globe. However, this has also caused a rift between people and their local culture, whereby less and less people are connecting and conversing within their local communities, especially concerning folk tales and literature. Are we in danger of losing our heritage?

The solution

This solution aims to tackle the challenge with two strategic approaches. The first is a campaign that employs storytelling to create intrigue and narrative around folk tales, encouraging conversation, awareness and retention of this heritage. Participants who interact with the campaign will discover a ‘key’ in the form of an ancient alphabet called Ogham.

This alphabet can be found carved across the corners of standing stones in Ireland and parts of the UK, an elemental acknowledgment that has been incorporated into the design style of the campaign.

This key opens a door to the second part of the solution, a platform that acts as a digital museum for the folk tales of the UK. This platform enables people to learn and read about these precious stories, or even share and tell these stories themselves, preserving age-old tales that are in danger of being forgotten or even lost.

Both campaign and platform are tied together through the brand ‘folcstede’, and draws its typographic inspiration from ancient manuscripts of folk tales, aspiring to modernise a tradition and breath new incentives into the preservation of old tales.

Parts of this project are motion pieces, but these parts are not displayed on this website- they can be found on my portfolio in the link below.


Joseph Parkin