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Rock climbing as a sport is an activity that we as humans have been doing for over 150 years, with the first mountaineering club being founded in 1857. It’s recent addition to the Olympics has led to a huge boom in its popularity. But how can it actually benefit someone?

The global population is becoming increasingly inactive, with many youths suffering from both mental and physical health issues as a result of this. When you pair this with the facts we hear and see daily about loneliness and depression within young adults, it becomes a major issue that should really be of huge concern.

CLIMB 123 is a campaign to help combat this by getting more youths and young adults to give climbing a try, informing them of the range of positive benefits other than just the physical ones. The words of real climbers are on the posters, talking about the aspects of the sport that make it what it is and make it so beneficial. The nature of the sport means you socialise without even realising, potentially breaking down the barriers of someone who may benefit from feeling a part of a community. Climbing’s global reach means that it is a fantastic community to be a part of, with a friendly face always there to welcome you, no matter where in the world you are. The activity itself also has more than just physical benefits, with many finding the wall a calming place where they can focus there mind on just the task at hand, temporarily forgetting outside worries.

The brand itself is also a key part of the campaign, with it reading both ‘Climb’ and ‘123’, to show how climbing is “as easy as 123”. These three numbers are also to connect to three of the benefits to climbing, the community itself, the global reach of this community along with the mental health benefits that the wall can bring you!

The QR code within it takes you to the webpage of your nearest climbing facilities so that people can learn more about its benefits and maybe give it a go!


Stuart Martin