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Beauty products such as shampoo have played a significant role in some global issues that have caused harm to our marine animals and oceans. It has been found that 70% of the beauty industries waste comes from their packaging and 56% of Brits don’t recycle their bathroom products resulting in over 100,000 marine animals dying each year due to the plastic pollution.

It has been discovered that the younger generation (under 25’s) prefer to use liquid beauty products such as shampoo and soap that include harmful chemicals, but they don’t realise the harm they are causing to our marine animals.

Customers are not using beauty bar products for many reasons: some are too expensive, they are not exciting, don’t like the feel of the product, there is not enough advertisement about them and there is a decrease in accessibility in popular retail stores.

Introducing zero, a fun and friendly beauty brand that sells shampoo bars, soap bars and body bars. The products the brand sells are all turtle shaped and come on a stick to solve the problem of people feeling the product and making the bars easier to use. All the products come in different flavours associated with the ocean and the brand has an online platform where people can take a quiz to find the best products suitable for them. Also, the platform allows users to subscribe to the brands subscription boxes every month to receive different products, find products to buy in popular retail stores and collect rewards.

The brand campaign ‘It’s time to switch’ is designed to encourage people to switch from liquid products to beauty bar products which feature three posters with strong messaging that are displayed around city centres and as part of the campaign customers can purchase tote bags in different retail stores.


Chloe Williams