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Elevate: Creating Positive Mental Health Through Reading

Many students and young people are facing mental health struggles every day. The pressures of university, social media, and the fast-changing world can make them feel stressed and anxious with studies revealing that approximately 1 in 5 students worldwide are dealing with mental health problems.

The solution was to take an everyday activity that students and young people may have overlooked and forgotten and the benefits that it can bring. This activity could be reading fiction. You see, reading fiction is like taking a break. When you open a book, you enter a whole new world that allows you to forget about your worries for a while. It lets you explore different emotions and experiences through the characters’ journeys, bringing comfort, relaxation and a sense of escape from the challenges of everyday life.

Elevate is a non-profit organisation that wants to show young people how reading fiction can positively help them with their mental health issues. By raising awareness about mental health and the benefits of reading fiction through workshops and campaigns as well as giving students access to a variety of fiction books, partnering with libraries, bookstores, and authors. Elevate even has an online platform where young people can find reading suggestions, join discussions, and get support from mental health professionals.


Matthew Leonardi