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Reducing reliance on single-use plastic

The Plastic Pause is a nation wide initiative aiming to reduce consumer reliance on single-use plastic within three key points of society.

Single use plastic waste is continuing to contaminate our oceans and is causing growing health problems. I have never dealt with a problem of this size and it was a great challenge.

After researching what has been designed before to try to tackle this, I came to the conclusion that a problem this monumental needs to be met with a solution of equal size. Luckily, conceptualisation is my favourite part of the design process and I spent most of my time ideating solutions before combining the best.

Three main elements targeting three major audiences makes it easier and quicker to initiate fast paced adoption, especially with incentivised reward schemes and raising awareness of alternatives. I found that opportunities were lacking in these areas and so hacked into key areas to encourage the population. Now is the perfect time for people to take this seriously and adopt beneficial changes to create a safer world.