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encouraging the next generation of creatives

As we progress into an uncertain future, one thing continues to be evident; creativity is one of the most important and influential abilities we have as humans. Whether within a creative or academic industry, creativity allows us to innovate, develop and evolve. However, exposure to an outdated education system has ‘killed’ the way students see the concept of creativity. They needed to be shown the value and importance that it has within society and industry.

The solution.

Bright Spark is a movement dedicated to inspire and encourage the next generation of creative students.

Poster Campaign:

This element of the strategy targets inspiration. Many students are unsure of their future career paths. Value and wealth are always a key factor. This poster campaign is aimed to overflow into the schools offering inspiration in various ways. By utilising the concept of fame, these posters will show students that creativity has many powerful shapes and forms. It will help show students that creativity is not a dead end, but an interesting opportunity that can offer them the ability to be anything they want to be.


This element targets students by encouraging creativity within their planners. These planners are used daily as a way to encourage 21st-century practice. The planner will be filled with various tasks, facts and inspiration aimed to encourage interaction with creativity. This planner also contains an inspiration section where in collaboration with paper engineers, students see that anything is possible. These will be a cool addition to the way students see basic education. It will be a combination of tools and inspirational ideas aimed at showing students the endless possibilities that creativity offers.

Social Media:

This strategy is formed around the tag line ‘Make Your Mark’. Creativity is an opportunity to make a difference. This will operate as a hash tag, therefore ‘flooding the internet’ with videos and inspirational elements sharing the true value of creativity. Industry professionals will be encouraged to post these influential videos showing students how different careers value creativity as a skill both socially and within the market place.

This outcome solves the brief because I found that because of the mass stigma that surrounds creativity, students would not necessarily go out of their way to be creative. The original plan for this project was to have a technology and user experience based outcome. However, a key stepping stone in my work was when students said they would not use it. They did not want to go looking for creativity but rather have exposure to it in simple but effective ways.