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Invisible Matters – Make the Invisible, Visible.

Low body confidence is an issue faced by people of all ages and genders. Social media is shown to have a huge impact on how adults view themselves, with 9 in 10 adults in the UK saying that they believe that body image matters in society.

‘Invisible Matters’ is a campaign encouraging people to look beyond appearance. The campaign features ‘invisible’ type to create interactivity. When a flash photo is taken of one of the campaign billboards, the true message of the campaign is revealed.

The ‘sharing’ aspect of the campaign is one of the most important elements. Since most negative feelings towards body image have stemmed from, and been worsened by, image based social media such as Instagram, it makes it the perfect platform to combat the issue. Sharing the image of the campaigns true message will help shine a light on how invisible social media has made these characteristics, and how we should highlight them instead of being so heavily focused on appearance.


Kitty Marlow