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8 Great Technologies you need to know


Science helps keep our society positively progressing in new and interesting ways.
Today it is an inseparable part of our existence and participates in everything we do and use. That’s why we need to understand it to be able to make the most beneficial decisions in our everyday lives. Moreover, our engagement is vital for determining the future of science.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that science communication fails to engage the general public and to relay information to it. Science is perceived as something exclusive only to a small group of specialists. As a result, a big part of our society doesn’t understand it and is unable not only to make adequate decisions when it comes to their lives but also unable to express opinion and help scientists in their work.


My solution aims to engage the UK public in science by letting people literally take it in their hands. I created an interactive website which brings a new perspective to technology and science by taking the users on magical journeys while educating them on the 8 Great Technologies which are said to push the UK towards progress.

The website turns the user into an explorer, revealing to them how science belongs to and benefits everybody.

Throughout the journeys, the user can discover information and learn from three main sources:

  • Motion
  • Illustration
  • Text