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Penguin: Make Books and Reading an Unmissable Part of Pop Culture

I took on an exciting D&AD brief presented by Penguin Books: to make books and reading an unmissable part of pop culture, particularly for young adults. Recognizing the importance of this age group, I developed a visually bold and captivating campaign with a clear message. My goal was to showcase the main benefits of books and reading in a way that would grab the attention and interest of this demographic.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic world of young adults and current pop culture, the Swiss design movement, and designers such as Olly Moss. I crafted a visually captivating campaign that demanded attention. Through visually striking graphics, modern illustrations, and impactful taglines, to communicate the power of books and reading to young adults. My designs highlighted the sense of exploration, personal growth, sharing and connection that comes from engaging with literature in our day-to-day lives. From this I created a unique visual metaphor for each poster to be both visually interesting and eye-catching both individually and as a collective trio whilst also facilitating and emphasising the messages and taglines of each poster.

By focusing on these key benefits, my campaign aimed to ignite a curiosity and passion for books and reading among young adults and encourage people that haven’t read a book in a while to do so. Whether it was the excitement of exploring new perspectives, the escape from everyday life, or the empowerment of finding your voice, my visually striking campaign aimed to captivate and inspire people to make books and reading and the benefits that they bring a part of their lives again.


Matthew Leonardi