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Respect Your Roots

This project aims to help managers and owners of grass root football clubs reduce the amount of vandalism towards the club, therefore, reducing costs and unnecessary expenses.

Local football clubs found that they are one of the main victims of vandalism in the community. Having the equipment and the surroundings damaged on a regular basis lead the manager to explain how this has become one of the main costs at the club and how it’s affecting the quality of coaching. The design needed to find a way to prevent acts of vandalism by making people aware of how it is affecting the club.

Respect Your Roots offers the public and local community the chance to report vandalism in the act or vandalism that has already taken place towards the club. The managers and owners can use this information to act fast in order to investigate how the vandalism has taken place, and potentially prevent vandalism from happening again. By allowing the managers and owners to act quicker will mean that they are able to have more time to find replacements for equipment, helping things like training sessions and matches run more smoothly.


Kade Rosser