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give people hope and to raise awareness about COVID-19

Vacci Nation is a project built with a vision to give people hope and to raise awareness about COVID-19 and the vaccine. While offering a solution to one of the world’s most significant challenges, encouraging that by connecting you to people you trust, to get to the core of the problem and the heart of the people.

Positive Community

I want to develop a solution for a problematic issue than the coronavirus, which is fear and anxiety. People concentrate on negative and false news and spread it quickly, ignoring any positive or good news.

The goal is to provide reassuring, accurate, and optimistic information about COVID-19 and the vaccine, focusing on the good news, such as an increase in the number of recoveries and people vaccinated, as checked by the Vacci Nation app.

The app has a welcoming tone that would inspire you with its genuine and upbeat content.

Powerful Features

VNV app has a safe Vaccination Verification to verify people who have had the vaccine will obtain a Blue shield Tick to be seen by the world, with no false or bubbled information. The app also includes videos, blogs, podcasts, and a live stream to share real-world experiments and provide hope to those fighting the virus or those who believe we are in a hopeless situation.

Verified Information

The dedicated app can provide you with real-time information about the Coronavirus stats, people vaccinated and Vacci Nation verified around the world and in your area and surrounding areas and the existence of any outbreaks with the help of the community, In this way you can prevent any health risks.

“The Best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Druker

So let’s create.